India Travel Tourism – Opening Gates to Beauty With Diversity

India is a land that converges scenic beauty, wonderful and ancient history and also various cultures. This is a country that beholds unity in diversity and uniqueness. Indeed, no better reason could be sought for making India travel and tourism extremely unique.

For all the history lovers, great architectural history comprising of monuments, forts and palaces can be found in different parts of the country. The land sings glories about several stories that took place in the country in the past. India travel tourism has taken off well due to these factors making India one of the most visited countries by several people around the world. India also has several adventurous places to be explored as well as rich wildlife. Apart from all these India is one country that has lots of exciting delicacies that people relish!

From chats to chicken tandoori, idlis and dosas to sweet nothings like barfis and katlis, every dish has its own uniqueness and blend of flavors owing to the state it is made in. Other attractive features of India are the exotic beaches stretching over the peninsula region in the south. The country also has a stretch of hill ranges in the north which have popular hill resorts owing to its scenic beauty. The country also has several festivals celebrated with pomp and show. With several things to offer, India travel and tourism has seen a major boost in the past few years.

As a one stop country that includes several rich traditions and cultures, India travel and tourism has also seen overwhelming response from visitors to the country.